November 30, 2017

AWS Launch Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)

Amazon EKS

At the last re:Invent 2017 Keynote, Amazon launched Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), “a managed service that makes it easy for you to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install and operate your own Kubernetes clusters”.

This long awaited move realign the cloud colossus with other services providers ( Azure and GCP ) who are already providing native support for this technology, and is totally compatible with the existing AWS ecosystem.

For example:

  • Full managed user authentication to the K8S masters through IAM
  • Restricted access through the newly revealed PrivateLink
  • Native AZ Cluster distribution to provide High Availability

EKS run the last version of Kubernetes and is fully compatible with community tool such as kubectl.

Amazon EKS is available is currently available only in Preview. You can request early access directly through the AWS Site